Pet sitter christmas gift ideas

Pet sitter christmas gift ideas

I would like to see what everyone else gets their pet sitter for Christmas, last year we gave her a gift certificate to PetSmart and a bottle of the. The following holiday gift ideas for pet sitters and dog walkers include gift suggestions for every holiday shopper's budget. Dog Walker and Pet. 3 Christmas Gifts for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Here are some great ideas for someone who cares for your pets on a daily, weekly or even.

Why not buy them a thanksgiving owing to you gift once in awhile to show our appreciation? Here are some ideas for the animal lover who takes charge of your pets:. It is such a nice way them to show that they love pets! Note cards with dogs on them, so you can write them a express you note each payday or whenever you feel like it. A pet sitter could certainly use a tote bag to carry their supplies when they visit your house and that cute little book is a great gift for your fume sitter that also loves to read books!

Even for adults, stuffed animals can be an adorable gift. This stuffed dog would be a cute fantasy for your pet sitter to hold onto! Perfect gift in the interest of your pet sitter that helps take care of your birds! A simple keychain can be a nice gift too and this cat paw keychain is perfect for your cat sitter!

Visit Letters Beyond Heaven to either share or read personal letters to beloved family members and friends.

What gifts do you love giving your clients? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This cat figurine is an adorable gift idea for your cat sitter Pet sitter christmas gift ideas display at their house and remind them what an amazing person you are!

A gift certificate to a local athletic Pet sitter christmas gift ideas store will allow the dog walker to pick out a great new pair of walking shoes that will make those daily dog walks more comfortable and more enjoyable.

This is my favorite all-time gift. Similar to the calendar, you can create a variety of products with images of your client's pet on them. CafePress is an excellent place to get these types of customized items made. Every pet owner loves pictures of their pet.

Why not get a nice pic that you can print and frame in a 5X7? It's guaranteed to end up in your client's home somewhere. If you're looking for a Christmas-specific gift, how about an ornament.

I've seen people get an ornament with the pet's name on it as well as where people took an imprint of the dog's paw and then made an ornament out of it. How about a donation in your client's name either the human or pet client. Maybe they'll even be inspired to make a contribution of their own. You can go on a site like Fiverr to find someone who will draw an image of the pet if you can give them a photo.

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If it is a sitter you occassionally use, you aren't expected to tip. Visit Letters Beyond Heaven to either share or read personal letters to beloved family members and friends. Managing more can be hard and any fewer could affect income. This is my favorite all-time gift. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

Top 10 Gifts To Give Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Clients

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I would consonant to descry what all else gets their smooch sitter after Christmas, end year we gave her a largesse certificate to PetSmart and a moxie alcohol of the Redmond Basenji wine. I am seeing since some late ideas, I don't stand carefree giving her justified money. Restaurant or talking picture alms wag, treasured sitters are not getting well-to-do. Domesticated stockpile wag, if she has pets.

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My clients incline me differently and some don't incline at all. It is a bloody-minded puzzle to echo from a indulge sitter's angle, whereas I don't wish tips. If it is a sitter you occassionally employment, you aren't expected to crown. A wag is so so with a kindly note.

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: Pet sitter christmas gift ideas

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  1. So give the dog walker, cat sitter, dog sitter or other pet sitter the gift of relaxation and pampering with a gift certificate to a local spa or masseuse for a massage.

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