Coeliac uk christmas raffle gifts

Coeliac uk christmas raffle gifts

Our Christmas Raffle has landed and will be closing on 8 January. special event, you can give an amazing gift to people affected by coeliac disease. Edinburgh - Wheat Free Bakery Direct, Wiltshire Farm Foods & Christmas Raffle We'll also have as our fundraiser our usual raffle stall and all gifts from our Our gluten free food fair will bring together around 30 stalls selling the very best in. Get involved with our Gluten-free Dinner Party challenge to raise funds and Our idea is simple, organise a dinner party and invite your family members, By playing our Christmas raffle you will help us to continue our work.

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Coeliac uk christmas raffle gifts Gift guide for christmas 2019 clip DIY FRIENDS GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS

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Coeliac uk christmas raffle gifts

With 3-D secure by: Member login Not a Member? Email address Password Forgotten your password? Home Get Involved Support us Raffle.

To order your fundraising pack, please complete the online form, or get in touch with our Fundraising Team at fundraising coeliac. Order your Gluten-free Dinner Party Coeliac uk christmas raffle gifts today.

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  1. Our idea is simple, organise a dinner party and invite your family members, friends, neighbours, team mates and colleagues.

  2. I see first hand every day the difference that Coeliac UK makes to the lives of people across the UK who need to live gluten free.

  3. Members and friends of members, please come along on 24th November to our festive meeting!

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